David E Stossel Images | About
I am interested in artistic expression of all types, but photography has always fascinated me by its ability to capture and hold moments in time.

Photography to me also has the ability to express and communicate the human experience in all its facets.

We can objectify our emotions with images, we can record what is dear to us, we can express ideas, intuitions, dreams, - we can promote social and political change, we can bring both joy and sorrow with our photographic images. It can be very powerful.

My purpose is to practice and explore the world of visual images using the camera as my tool. I hope I succeed in making an impression on the viewer.

I am mostly self taught, but am a member of the Northern VA Photographic Society and the McLean photography club . I often attend lectures and seminars in order to improve my work..

I use both Nikon and Pentax equipment, but this can change at anytime. I have been experimenting with cameras since childhood, but have only been shooting more seriously for the last 5 years. I have won competitions and been juried into small exhibitions. My photographic odyssey is just beginning.